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“Birth & Death is not in our hands, but expressing our feelings definitely is”

We at Obituary Ads, understand the Pain & Grief you are going through, after losing your loved one. So we complete the process of ad publish without bothering you much, you have to just call us, and provide few Important ad contents like Deceased Name, Date of death, Name of relatives if wish to Publish, any Quote if required, etc, rest all we will take care. We offer simple & hassle-free services with Instant confirmation of Ad booking.

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Condolence Advertisement in Newspaper

Condolence advertisement can be published in Classified ad and Display ad, One can choose the ad type as per their choice, Budget, etc. The Classified ad is cheaper as compared to Display advertisement. But Display advertisement has better visibility, where are classified ad will appear on the specific classified section. One can publish the Sad Demise ad in Black & White / Color.

Types Of Obituary Ads

Classified Ad

Obituary and Remembrance Newspaper Ad Booking Online: Classified Ad type 9821984000 Remembrance Ads in Newspaper

Classified advertisements are usually small advertisements charged on per word basis. This kind of classified obituary advertisement is very economical as it has certain advertisement size limitations and Such kind of obituary ads only appear on the classified page of Newspapers.

Classified Display Ad

Obituary and Remembrance Newspaper Ad Booking Online: Display Ad type 9821984000 Remembrance Ads in Times of India Newspaper

These advertisements usually come in all sizes, right from a full-page ad to a half-page ad to even a quarter-page ad. These are either colourful or black & white with a lot of pictures, graphics, and various fonts to catch the eye of the reader.

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    Condolence Message

    Someone who you loved and respect has passes away is a unbearable and painfull situation in life. You can show your respect and love to a person who passed away with the help of Condolence Message.

    Here we collect some sample message from book "Condolence Messages on the Loss of Loved One" Author is "Serene Pae".

    Condolence message on the loss of Father

    Father is first Hero in child’s life, he is always role model who gave support to the children throughout his life.

    I was saddened to hear of your loss and I realize you have lost a blessing from God
    I pray that God will bless continue to bless you in other ways and strengthen you.

    It’s a tough time to go through for anyone
    I can understand how you feel inside because I too lost my father many years ago.

    My deepest condolence for your grieving family
    I’ll always keep you in my prayers.

    May God give you strength to bear this loss
    The loss of the father is so heavy
    Just know we always with you
    No matter what happens in life
    You are always in our prayer

    Please accept my condolence on the passing of you father
    I offer you my thoughts prayers and well wishes during this difficult time

    I would like to express my sorrow and condolences to you and your family
    May the soul of your father rest in peace.

    It’s heart breaking for me to see my best friend crying
    I don’t know how to console you but I want to let you know that such a great loss is not only yours to bear.
    I will be there with you always to share

    May I offer my sympathies to you and your family in the loss of your father God bless his soul.
    Please accept my most sincere condolence on the passing on of your dearest father.

    Time will fail me to narrate the personality of your father
    In summary, he was a man of honor one who embodied truth without apologies
    Kindly accept my deepest sympathy over his loss.

    It’s not a time to mourn
    It’s time to look back and remember all the good things in life he did for you
    It’s time to continue the legacy of a great man that your father was.

    So sorry to hear this sad news I’m thinking of you and your family at this time

    Truly there’s nothing permanent on this earth planet
    It is more of “Here today, gone tomorrow”
    I sympathize with you over the loss of your father and pray that God will grant you the fortitude to bear the loss.

    A good man like your father deserves a good place in heaven
    May his soul rest in peace
    My prayer is with you always
    God bless you in this difficult time

    If we can stop death with our powers we would have never allowed it rear up its ugly head to strike against us
    I’m sorry about your dad’s death Accept my sincere sympathy

    Sudden departure of your father is making my heart cry ending my heartfelt sympathies
    May lord give you all the strength to bear this tough time.
    Your father’s vision of life was remarkable
    He was indeed an inspiration to us all
    Please accept my condolences

    There are a few persons on earth who make a wonderful impact as much as a loving father does
    I have deep respect for your dad and his death won’t ever change it
    Accept my earnest condolence over your loss

    Your father had a gold heart and everyone who had the privilege to know him are blessed indeed
    May the God be with you on this crucial time

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    Frequently asked Question

    Q : Can we book online Condolences Ads in Newspaper ?

    Yes, you can book online. It is advisable you to contact once our customer care executives, so they can guide you properly to release Condolences Ads in Newspaper.

    Q : How long it takes to advertise Condolences Ads in Newspaper. ?

    We need atleast Two days in advance with proper Ad content to release Condolences Ads in Newspaper

    Q : How will I make payment for Condolences Ads to release in Newspaper ?

    We have dedicated payment gateway which is there on our website, so you can pay online. also you can pay by direct depositing cash / NEFT in our SBI, ICICI, PNB, HDFC & Respective Banks.

    Q : How can i get newspaper copies of my Condolences Ads released in Newspaper?

    Newspaper is easily available near any of yours newspaper stalls, we will mail you soft copy by email on ur address.

    Q : If I have more questions about publishing Condolences Ads in Newspaper where should I contact? ?

    If you not get the question which you need free to call us any time on +91 9821254000 / 67704000 or E-mail us on or u can send us call back request. Which is available on our every page.

    Q : Why should I book Condolences Ads in Newspaper through ?

    Dear sir / Mam, we have dedicated team to book Condolences Ads in Newspaper, who is taking care of all kind of advertisement artwork and giving best guidance for releasing obituary ads

    Q : What is the procedure, If my ad didn’t get publish on given date in Newspaper ?

    We give clear confirmation about the scheduled advertisement in advance. if the deadline has gone for publishing date.. we intimate in advance to our customers. so this kind of situation usually dont occurs.

    Q : What types of ad I can book in Condolences Ads section?

    Classified Lineage, Display Classifieds and Quarter page on obituary Page.

    Q : Which documents are required to publish Condolences Ads in Newspaper? ?

    We need just a scan copy of Death certificate or Dr Letter. Email us on

    Q : What is the procedure to book Condolences Ads in Newspaper?

    Its very simple, just email us the detail about deceased person, Photo and the advertisement content to be published for Condolences Ads in Newspaper.

    Q : Can I publish Condolences Ads from any other country to Newspaper ?

    If you are residing out of india, and having NRI Status, requesting you to send vie email death certificate of deceased person of respective country and advertisement content . Rest we can guide you how to process further to release Condolences Ads in Newspaper. We will guide you the booking procedure and payment procedure online

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