Its not easy to express the loss of loved ones

But Let That Not Impact Your Expression Of Love For The Departed Soul…

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Why Choose Us For Obituary Ad Release in Newspapers?

Obituryads gives you Cost-Effective Solutions

Obituryads has a Pan India presence and has a proven record of providing the best ad rate as compared to the market pricing.

The Ad rates are based on certain variables such as

  • Circulation
  • Day of Release
  • Position and size of ads
  • Advertiser history

Basis these criteria Obituryads offers you the best suggestion and best rates for your obituary newspaper ads.

Right Suggestions

The obituary ad aims to reach the maximum number of people with minimal effort. To ensure this we provide you the right suggestions by

  • Providing the right suggestions through our smart and in house media planning team
  • Guiding you right from planning to execution of your obituary ad
  • Helping you create the ad

We at Obituryads always aim to minimize your efforts in ad booking process.

On-Time Ad Release

Ads that are released on time create a greater impact and it’s no different
with obituary ads. This is the reason why we also accommodate last-minute
requests for obituary ads at booked now as we understand the importance of on-time ad

To complete the ad booking process promptly we

  • Inform you of the complete process beforehand
  • Help you create the ad (if required)
  • Help you choose the publication, type of ad and the ideal date
    and time for releasing of ads
  • Sharing the hard copy of the ad with you for your use

Easy Payment Options

The last thing that a customer does not want is the payment process not being difficult. At Obituryads we make the payment process convenient by providing various payment options such as

  • Pay using Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking
  • Pay using digital wallets
  • Pay through Cheques/Demand Draft/Cash (can be collected)


We believe that placing an obituary ad in the newspaper of your choice
should be as easy as 1,2,3 and done.

Types Of Obituary Ads

Classified Lineage ads

View Obituary simple text format with no design, Various enhancements like Tick, Border & Bold available, To Make Simple Obituary ads in Newspaper, contact us

Classified Text Ad

Classified advertisements are usually small advertisements charged on per word basis. This kind of classified obituary advertisement is very economical as it has certain advertisement size limitations and Such kind of obituary ads only appear on the classified page of Newspapers.

Classified Display (CD)

These advertisements usually come in all sizes, right from a full-page ad to a half-page ad to even a quarter-page ad. These are either colorful or black & white with a lot of pictures, graphics, and various fonts to catch the eye of the reader.

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