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We at Obituary Ads, understand the Pain & Grief you are going through, after losing your loved one. So we complete the process of ad publish without bothering you much, you have to just call us, and provide few Important ad contents like Deceased Name, Date of death, Name of relatives if wish to Publish, any Quote if required, etc, rest all we will take care. We offer simple & hassle-free services with Instant confirmation of Ad booking.

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The OBITUARY advertisement can be published in 2 types listed below, One can choose the ad type as per their choice, Budget, etc. The Classified ad is cheaper as compared to Display advertisement. But Display advertisement has better visibility, where are classified ad will appear on the specific classified section. One can publish the Sad Demise ad in Black & White / Color.

Types Of Obituary Ads

Classified Ad

Obituary and Remembrance Newspaper Ad Booking Online: Classified Ad type 9821984000 Remembrance Ads in Newspaper

Classified advertisements are usually small advertisements charged on per word basis. This kind of classified obituary advertisement is very economical as it has certain advertisement size limitations and Such kind of obituary ads only appear on the classified page of Newspapers.

Classified Display Ad

Obituary and Remembrance Newspaper Ad Booking Online: Display Ad type 9821984000 Remembrance Ads in Times of India Newspaper

These advertisements usually come in all sizes, right from a full-page ad to a half-page ad to even a quarter-page ad. These are either colourful or black & white with a lot of pictures, graphics, and various fonts to catch the eye of the reader.

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    Why Book Obituary Display & Classifieds Advertising in Nagpur Newspapers?

    Now a days days though we have great social media connectivity,It might not be possible to notify to relatives and friends in your circle about the news of your loved one's departure.

    To reach out to the targeted readers and invite them to prayer meetings, chauthas, mass services, commemorations and so on ,here Newspaper Obituaries play its role to solve your problem.

    Newspaper obituaries report the death of someone in a news article. They usually include information about the funeral and a description of the person concerned.

    Obituaries not only inform everyone about the death, but also recognize the loss of your loved ones.

    You can publish your times of India obituary ad in Tribute under below category.

    Death Announcement Obituary ads

    This ad is needed to announce your death. It's easy and straightforward.

    Sad Demise Obituary Ads

    This type of ad can be used to announce death announcements However, this type of ad will typically be selected when someone dies in an unnatural way.

    Chautha Obituary Ads

    The pooja is performed on the 4th day following the death of a loved one, where relatives and family members are gathered to celebrate "Shanti the path" and "Geeta Pravachan".

    Marka Obituary Ads

    Marka" It is an celebration which is carried out by members of the sindhi community in loving memory of the soul who has passed away. Marka ads are used to initiate this ceremony.

    Condolence Obituary Ads

    This is the act of expressing your expressions of condolence to anyone who has lost a loved one. In the event of such a tragedy, you might think about putting up an Obituary .

    Remembrance Obituary Ads

    It's "Remembrance" Obituary advertisements ( but not "Remembrance Day" that is associated with those who have died during conflicts). This "Remembrance" is a common phrase in India is clearly about the person who died and is being remembered. There is a section in Tribute for times of india remembrance ad in Times of India Newspaper.

    Bhog Ceremony Ads

    Bhog typically refers to the profound pleasure that one can experience after the completion of a SahejPaath Sadharan Paath, or an Akhand Paath, which is the continuous, uninterrupted listening to the Guru Granth Sahib Sikhism's holy Scripture and the everlasting Guru.

    What is Advantages of Booking Obituary Display & Classifieds Ads in Indian Newspaper through the Online

    Obituryads gives you Cost-Effective Solutions: Obituryads has a Pan India presence and has a proven record of providing the best ad rate as compared to the market pricing.

    Right Suggestions : The obituary ad aims to reach the maximum number of people with minimal effort. To ensure this we provide you the right suggestions by

    On-Time Ad Release: Ads that are released on time create a greater impact and it’s no different with obituary ads. This is the reason why we also accommodate last-minute requests for obituary ads at booked now as we understand the importance of on-time ad release.

    Easy Payment Options: The last thing that a customer does not want is the payment process not being difficult. At Obituryads we make the payment process convenient by providing various payment options such as Pay using Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking

    Best ad positions and placement guaranteed

    How to Book Obituary Display and Classified Ads Online in Nagpur Newspaper?

    Book Obituary Display and Classified Ads Online in Nagpur Newspaper

    We are happy to help you. You can share your advertisement requirements with us by Email / WhatsApp and our Representative will give you a quote instantly, once you approve we will release the advertisement in newspapers.

    For Appointment Ads, kindly share your content on our email id or WhatsApp 9821984000 9821984000.

    Select the city of publication your Obituary Adertisement.

    Team help you to design your ad and personalize your advertisement by including the photo of the deceased as well as of the family members, you can create a unique invitation to specify the proper ceremony taking place in memory of your loved ones. After finalising creative work you can publish Obituary Ad in Newspaper at a selected Date and City.

    Pay online through Credit/Debit Card/Wallet or other payment options

    We will share your sample first, once you approve we will release Obituary Display and Classified Ads in Newspaper on your selected date.

    You will received softcopy by Email of your advertisement.

    What is cost of Obituary Display And Classified Ad in the Nagpur Newspaper?

    Cost Of Newspaper Advertisement depends on color, location, size, placement, edition.

    Advertisement In Newspaper is very easy , just fill the advertisement details in form or just call to our assistant at 9821984000.

    Newspaper Advertisement Rates starts from 250 to 15 lakhs depend on your advertisement format and city you choose, also the placement in newspaper like front page, and classified page.

    Newspaper advertising rates are quoted per square cm. The rate of discount on newspaper cards depends on the size of the ad, inserts and product category.

    Cost of Obituary Display & Classifieds Single Column Ad

    The cost of an obituary display and classified single column advertisement depends on following factors:

    • Size of the Ad. (Obituary Display and Classified Single Column Ads are charged in Rupees per Square Centimetre)
    • Which Newspaper you select.
    • Your Selected City where the advertisement will appear.

    Cost of Obituary Classified Text Ads

    The cost of an obituary text classified advertisement depends on following factors:

    • Obituary Classified Text ads are charged Number of lines.
    • Which Newspaper you select to publish your obituary Ad.
    • City where you want to publisjh your advertisement

    The Times Of India Obituary Ad Rate

    The Times Of India Obituary Advertisement Rate in Nagpur Rs 700 for Classified Display Ad and Rs 5500 for Remembrance Ad and Rs 1070 for Double Coloumn Ad.

    The Times Of India Obituary Advertisement Rate in Delhi Rs 350 for Classified Display Ad and Rs 5600 for Remembrance Ad and Rs 900 for Double Coloumn Ad.

    The Times Of India Obituary Advertisement Rate in Banglore Rs 425 for Classified Display Ad and Rs 4500 for Remembrance Ad and Rs 675 for Double Coloumn Ad.

    The Times Of India Obituary Advertisement Rate in Pune Rs 180 for Classified Display Ad and Rs 1000 for Remembrance Ad and Rs 425 for Double Coloumn Ad.

    The Times Of India Obituary Advertisement Rate in Kolkata Rs 2150 for Classified Display Ad and Rs 1000 for Remembrance Ad and Rs 452 for Double Coloumn Ad.

    By publishing your Advertisement in Newspaper it is more chances of massive outreach across India.

    What Discount is giving for Obituary Display and classified ad booking in Newspaper?

    Offer on Obituary Display and classified ad booking in Newspaper

    There are diffrent discounts and offer on packages for Times of India Newspaper.

    Additional offers basis categories & cities. Get lowest rate offer while booking Obituary Ad.

    Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000. for exact Discount available for Newspaper.

    What are the documents required to book an Obituary Advertisement in Newspaper?

    Publications, usually asks for a Doctor's note or a Death Certificate.

    You can provide the burial ground/cremation certificate if you don't have these documents. This will serve the same purpose and act as a supporting documentation for verification.

    • Name
    • Photograph
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Death
    • Prayer Meeting
    • Name of people who have inserted the ad.
    • Contact Details

    Frequently asked Question

    Q : Can we book online Obituary Advertisement in Nagpur Newspaper ?

    Yes, you can book online. It is advisable you to contact once our customer care executives, so they can guide you properly to release Obituary ads in Nagpur Newspaper.

    Q : How long it takes to advertise Obituary ad in Nagpur Newspaper. ?

    We need atleast Two days in advance with proper Ad content to release Obituary ads in Nagpur Newspaper

    Q : How will I make payment for Obituary ads to release in Nagpur Newspaper ?

    We have dedicated payment gateway which is there on our website, so you can pay online. also you can pay by direct depositing cash / NEFT in our SBI, ICICI, PNB, HDFC & Respective Banks.

    Q : How can i get newspaper copies of my Obituary advertisement released in Nagpur Newspaper ?

    Newspaper is easily available near any of yours newspaper stalls, we will mail you soft copy by email on ur address.

    Q : If I have more questions about publishing Obituary advertising in Nagpur Newspaper where should I contact? ?

    If you not get the question which you need free to call us any time on +91 9821254000 / 67704000 or E-mail us on or u can send us call back request. Which is available on our every page.

    Q : Why should I book Obituary ads in Nagpur Newspaper through ?

    Dear sir / Mam, we have dedicated team to book obituary ads in Times of india, who is taking care of all kind of advertisement artwork and giving best guidance for releasing obituary ads

    Q : What is the procedure, If my ad didn’t get publish on given date in Nagpur Newspaper ?

    We give clear confirmation about the scheduled advertisement in advance. if the deadline has gone for publishing date.. we intimate in advance to our customers. so this kind of situation usually dont occurs.

    Q : What types of ad I can book in Obituary ad section?

    Classified Lineage, Display Classifieds and Quarter page on obituary Page.

    Q : Which documents are required to publish obituary ads in Nagpur Newspaper ?

    We need just a scan copy of Death certificate or Dr Letter. Email us on

    Q : What is the procedure to book Obituary ad in Nagpur Newspaper?

    Its very simple, just email us the detail about deceased person, Photo and the advertisement content to be published for obituary ads in Nagpur Newspaper.

    Q : Can I publish obituary ad from any other country to Nagpur Newspaper ?

    If you are residing out of india, and having NRI Status, requesting you to send vie email death certificate of deceased person of respective country and advertisement content . Rest we can guide you how to process further to release ads in Nagpur Newspaper. We will guide you the booking procedure and payment procedure online

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    Publishing Day

    Publishing Day All Days, Every week.

    Booking Deadline

    Booking Deadline 1 Day before 2pm

    Format For Creative

    Format for Creative Ensure you submit your Ad Creative in High resolution TIFF, PDF or PSD format.

    Creative Deadline

    Creative Deadline 1 Day before 2 pm

    Track Your Advertisement

    Track your Advertisement Once the Ad is confirmed for release, you will receive a notification and you can check your ad phyically or via e-paper on the schedule date.

    Proof Of Execution

    Proof of Execution Once your Ad is released a soft copy would be shared with you within 3 days of release.

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