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A son in the house is like a pillar of strength for the parents and also for the family as whole due to his physical and mental energies which he uses to help everyone. Losing a son at any age is a big loss which can’t be fulfilled easily as the source of very high energy in the form of the Son is lost. A Son brings assurance to the family’s generation growth and stability.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Son

    When you were born life took a beautiful turn
    I was so proud to have a son
    All my happiness is cut short by the time
    Someone who was special is no more mine…

    You were special my son

    We look at the cycle standing outside
    The rider is missing and cycle lost its pride
    You were so happy when you got it as a gift
    Leaving us behind in heavens god decided you should shift…

    Missing you my son

    Your care and concern for us was always so genuine
    With you around with us we always felt so fine
    Now you are gone leaving us behind
    Your replacement will always be hard to find…

    You are irreplaceable son

    You have always been the heartbeat of the family
    You have always been our pride
    Sitting here we all remember you
    Some feel sad and some start to cry…

    Your loss is unforgettable

    Going on walks these days is a boring task
    Behind the smile is a sadness mask
    With you pushing limits excise was fun
    Why did you go away leaving me behind my son…

    Every activity is boring with you gone my dearest son

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