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A bonding of a sister and a brother can never be defined by the threads that are tied on Raksha Bandhan but it’s the thread of love and respect that keeps a sister and a brother bonded together. Losing a sister is like losing a part of your life where you could share almost every secret of your life.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Sister

    When a sister departs from your life, there is sudden emptiness,
    Filling which is not as easy, but your memories are etched in my heart
    Your attitude will always inspire my journey of life

    When I look at the colorful threads today
    Shining on the hands of each brother
    All I can say to GOD is
    Where is my sister?

    You always wanted me to win a medal in sports
    Today I have fulfilled your wish and the moment is very proud
    The only thing that would have made it special would be
    Your congrats which would be like rains from the cloud

    The car asks me every morning, where is my owner
    With her on the driving seat every ride was a honor
    She took so much care and loved me like a baby
    The secret is out that even car loved you like crazy
    Even machines are missing you sister

    People leave but journeys continue
    Many people are born but marks are left by few
    You were such a gem of everyone’s eyes
    Remembering your sweet nature each one of us only cries

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