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Mother’s are irreplaceable and always next to GOD. In this case Grandma becomes like a fairy who
knows the magic of cheering us up and changing our moods instantly. Grandma loves us, cooks for
us and many times even acts like our body guards, isn’t it? Losing a wonderful person like her is a
big loss for everyone in the family as you lose a wonderful guide.

We have tried to put below a few messages for a beautiful person in our lives called Grandma/ Grand Mother.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Grandmother

    My Grandma’s best friends were silence and smile
    She never got tired even while walking for a mile
    I have never seen her interfering in anyone’s matter
    I wish I could also become one day like her

    Remembering your nature, Grandma

    My lovely Gradma, she loved to always paint
    She was always dressed in white and looked like a saint
    The smile on her face looked like a blossomed flower
    We will always, keep loving you grandmother.

    You were a role model, grandma

    A trip planned with you got left half way
    You have gone away is all I can say
    The journey of life seems so long and lonely
    You were so special, dearest one and only.

    Missing you a lot, Grandma

    Grandma was 60 but worked like she was sixteen,
    With her around, the house looked always clean
    I wondered from where she got so much strength
    I later understood that it was due to the help she always lent.

    You were a super example, Grandma

    You have shaped our lives in such a way
    It can only be seen but words can’t say
    Your presence in our life was always important
    Your absence makes our lives seem so blunt.

    Your absence is being felt, Grandma

    Maa se badi hoti hai dadi ma
    Khyal rakhti humara jaise hum hai badshah
    Sath mein rehti humara to nahin lagta kiska dar
    Sikhati hume, jo bole mata pita wahi tu kar.

    Apki Shikshayein thi pyari, dadi ma

    Feelings can’t be described in words but I will try
    You are gone away and my eyes only cry
    The voice in my throat, it feels so stuck
    Everything I have today, but seems I lost my luck.

    You were my lucky mascot, Grandma

    I remember the occasions when the entire family met
    Listening and talking to each other, many hours were spent
    Everyone spoke, but listening to you was always a delight
    Your words full of enthusiasm made us feel like kites.

    Everyone misses you, Grandma

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