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A wife has many titles like Half Partner, Home Minister, A Multi Tasker, etc. When she enters
the life, all the incomplete aspects of life start to reach completion. A loss of a wife is never a good feeling because you don’t lose a person but you lose half your life. That’s why they say “Without Wife there is No Life”

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    The loss of money is nothing
    The loss of house is something
    The loss of wife is everything
    The purpose of living is lost without you

    Missing you Wife

    If you ask me what am I missing, I would say
    Your Smile
    Your Care
    Your Love
    Your Expressions

    In short I am missing my Wife who was the light of this Life

    A friend when I needed, you were always there
    A Guide when I needed, you always cared
    My every success was always like an event for you
    You have left me half way here, to the heavens you have flew

    Do I need to say how much I Miss you after you are gone

    Expressing myself was the toughest thing when you were around
    I could not complete a single sentence and my word went round and round
    I was always shy in words but tried to do my best

    Today let me say “I Love You” so that I can pass the expression test

    A loss that has left me with empty space
    You will always hold in my heart, a special place
    If God could take my wealth and give me back you

    I would happily lose valueless wealth to get the valuable you

    Obituary Messages for Wife

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