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Expressing feeling can be impossible sometimes, especially when we lose a loved one whom we are dependent on emotionally. Mother is
always special in every way as she plays multiple roles in our lives. Expressing your gratitude so such a wonderful person is very important. As all mothers are special, we thought of putting down our feeling in words which you can pick if you share the same feeling.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Mother

    You took me in your lap when I could not walk
    You gave me voice when I was learning to talk
    You made my mind as solid as a rock
    Wish I could reverse the time of the clock.

    Missing You Mother

    Devils are many, Angels are few
    Only you can be his replacement, God also knew
    You could love everyone unconditionally
    Now, your worth is understood finally

    Your Love Was Unconditional Mother

    You were the Health Minister
    You were the Wealth Minister
    You were the Home Minister
    You were the most important part of our families cluster.

    It’s A Triple Loss To Us Mother

    You always saved me from dad’s anger
    You always cooked for me during times of hunger
    Family was first for you, your wishes were later
    I have everyone around me but I feel like a stranger.

    You Are Not Replaceable

    Rat bharjagihaitu, taki hum so saken
    Kamkartirehtichahekitnabhi tut hake
    Kaisethayehbalidanjo tune kiyamaa
    Banadiyahume rank se badshah.

    Tune Hi Banayabadshah, Maa

    Papa kidant se maa, tu hi bachasaktithi
    Bhagwanbhi ho jispeprasann, aisiteri bhakti thi
    Sab kuchkartebhi this sadahasti
    Aajzindagikiveeran lag rahihaibasti.

    Kahanchaligayi, Maa

    Mother is a Guru when we are small
    Mother is a friend when we are tall
    Mother is someone who develops us overall
    Now since she is not around life feels like a steep fall.

    Missing You, Angel Mother

    M for Mother, M for mine
    With you around me, I always shined
    With you gone away, I feel a little dim
    I try to smile but the face is always grim.

    Your Memories Are Special, Mother

    The heart feels so heavy, the mind feels so low
    O my dear Mother, where did you go?
    Who will guide me now, like a sunlight
    With you not around, every day seems like night.

    You Were The Sunshine, Mother

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