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Looking to book an Obituary Ad in Newspaper

Gratitude for a loved one cannot be put in words, as expression is much more than what words can
describe. However, as we all are humans who love to help each other so we thought of sharing a few messages that you can pick from, if you like,
for expressing your feelings through an obituary message in the newspaper.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Father

    You would never see him boast
    but he was loved the most
    He worked so hard to give us comforts
    but only now I realized his efforts.

    Missing you father

    Papa jab dant te the hume
    Lagta tha bahut dar
    Usi ne banaya hai mujhe aj acha insaan
    aur duniya mein diya hai unha star

    Apki dant ne badli duniya

    You always gave up your wishes to fulfill mine
    With you around life was always happy and fine
    You had so many qualities but always maintained privacy
    We hope that, we are able to continue this legacy.

    Your qualities can’t be defined father

    Fathers do the earning
    Only then mothers can run the house
    Papa always brought us fruits and sweet
    When we were down, he changed our moods with his tweets

    Your care was wonderful

    Apne kiya tha zindagi mein bas parishram
    Lok Laj ko chod bas kiye the ache karm
    Ache insaano ki to vaise hi kami thi duniya mein
    Ek aur farishta chal ishwar ki godi mein.

    Apne sikhaye ache karm pitaji

    Pita kaun hota hai yeh koi mujhse puche
    Hume bithata kandhon par, khud rehta niche
    Kehta humse, tu to hain meri ankhon ka tara
    Sada karna kuch aisa kam ki nam roshan ho humara.

    Apke shabdh yad rakhenge pitaji

    You never allowed us to give up in life
    No matter if situations were even like a knife
    If you are truthful, always stand and fight
    You taught the real meaning of right.

    You were a wonderful guide father

    Umar mein to bade the humse
    Par namrata ki pehne rehte the kavach
    Dhan ki kami kabhi nahi hone di hume
    Parantu sikhaya ki, bache kabhi na karna havach.

    Apki shikshen aj bhi sath hai pitaji

    My father was no less than a celebrity
    He always taught us to give respect and treat all with equality
    He lived all his life like a beautiful sample
    Leaving us behind a perfect example.

    Following in your footsteps is wonderful, father

    Pitaji ne to bachpan se hi banaya hume zimmedar
    Har karya mein sath rakhkar banaya hoshiyar
    Apki badaulat hi zindagi bani hai asaan
    Varna sabhi ki tarah hum bhi hote aaj ek sadharan insaan.

    Apne hi di hume samaj, pitaji

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