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Born with a thousand questions in the eyes is a daughter. She leaves the house one day to be with her better half but until she stays she never lets us fall apart. She loves, she cares and she is no less than a boy. She is called the daughter, a member of the family who is always loved by all and learns the skills of sacrifice since childhood. A loss of a daughter is not easy to digest as life loses the true emotions and love that you ever get from a daughter.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Daughter

    The love you gave, the care you took
    Your empty room is where I look
    Hoping to see you walk out from there
    To give us love and always take care

    The home feels empty without you dear daughter

    Birth and Death is not in our hand
    Time flies away just like sand
    Memories of loved are etched in the mind
    Sometimes life becomes very unkind

    Your departure from our life hurts, dear daughter

    You were the angel of everyone’s eye
    Why did you have to say an early bye
    Life feels empty, life feels sad
    All I can say, you are being missed by your dad

    Missing you sweet daughter

    Little angel little angel where did you go
    Please come back to us as life has become slow
    The heart feels heavy and it is feeling so sad
    Everyone in the family is missing you very bad

    The heart misses your presence, dearest daughter

    We keep ourselves busy entire life earning money
    Ignoring the request of loved ones to spend some time
    After they are gone is when we realise
    Money could have waited but this loss can’t be fulfilled

    Realise this when you are gone, sweet little girl of mine

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