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Looking to book an Obituary Ad in Newspaper

We have all heard that two is a company. Sometimes a brother becomes like a soul mate as you share your
every secret with him because the mental frequencies seem to match. Losing a brother at the most
unwanted time is awful but not much can be done as we don’t have control on death. All we have
control on is our expression. Below are a few messages which can help you express better in the
obituary ads that you place in the Newspaper.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Brother

    I have lost you, I still can’t believe
    Every memory I am still able to relive
    You will leave me so early is still a shock
    The time has stopped ticking on the clock.

    Missing You Brother

    You always stood beside me
    You always loved me
    You always cared for me
    Now who will do all this three.

    Your care was special

    Bhai se hi ladai hoti thi
    Bhai se hi hota tha pyar
    Chale gaye kahan itni jaldi chodkar
    Thoda to karte intazar.

    Apki kami mehsus hoti hai

    Living with example was always your style
    I still remember we missed the bus and walked a mile
    You always took care of me just like a baby
    Now I am missing you just like a crazy.

    Missing Those Days, Brother

    Everything is the same but all seems strange
    The mind is the same but thoughts have changed
    Happiness was always around when you were there
    Your absence in my life is not so fair.

    Hope I could reverse time, bro

    You were a guy with a great vision
    Making someone smile was always your mission
    Your loss is a big loss to humanity
    Very few are like you who was always content and happy.

    Your life was an example bro

    Life was always special each day
    Hope you get the best ahead, I pray
    Living with you was always a pleasure
    Memories is all that I can now treasure.

    Wishing you a better journey ahead, brother

    Your loss is definitely painful
    No one in this world is so loveful
    Don’t know if it’s possible to have you back
    Your support besides me I will always lack.

    Wish you could come back, brother

    Tere sath bite din aur ratein
    Kabhi na khatam hoti thi teri meri batein
    Tere jane se dil mera aisa toota
    Jaise kisi ne mujhse Kohinoor ka hira loota.

    Kahan chale gaye, bhai

    Teri yad mein akhen bhar ati
    Tasvir har yad ki ati aur chali jati
    Samne nahin ho to kya hua bhai
    Dil mein to sada hai teri yad samayi.

    Apko bhulna mushkil hai bhai

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